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You can manage your server by clicking 'View Details' or clicking on the product name to open the server management page.

Here you will be able to power down, power reset, or reboot the system. You can click on the server hostname field to modify the server name displayed in the panel, and the server description field to enter a server description. To view your IPv4 and IPv6 range information click on 'Additional Details'.

Further down the page you will see the Reinstall and Rescue boot options - these will automatically install a different operating system or launch a rescue image so that you can console the system to make any modifications or fixes as needed. If you would prefer not to see the Reinstall options open a support ticket and techs will disable that feature for you. Alternately if you do not see the Reinstall options and want them open a support ticket and techs can enable that feature for you.

To open the console in a new window click the 'Open Console' button - you may need to enable popups, here you can watch the progress of automated installs, work on the server if booting into a Rescue image, or simply console the server to fix any config errors that would ordinarily lock you out. If the console becomes unresponsive you can try clicking the 'BMC Reset' button and wait 1 minute. If you continue to have issues contact support for assistance.

Again further down the page you will see the IP Assignments area. Under the 'RDNS' column you can click to specify the RDNS entry you would like to assign to the IP, changes are made instantly but there may be propagation time for DNS servers around the internet to see your new entries. If you wish to enter a description of the services on the IP you can do so under the 'Description' column.

Lastly you will see Graphs showing the network port activity of your server showing bandwidth usage.


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