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If you would like to install an Operating System not listed in the automatic install options, such as FreeBSD, you can do so by clicking 'Open Console' from your server control panel, once running the java console click 'Virtual Media' -> 'Storage' -> 'CDROM & ISO'. Under "Logical Drive Type" select ISO. To the right you can click 'Open Image' and browse the ISOs folder to select the ISO you desire, either double click on the file, or click once and then click open. If the ISO you need is not listed contact support so we may add it for you.  Next click 'Plug In' to mount the ISO, below under connection status history you will see something like "Device1: VM Plug-In OK!!" - you can now click the 'OK' button up to the right to close the virtual storage window. To reboot you can click on the 'Macro' menu, scroll down to 'Macros' and then select 'Ctrl+Alt+Del'. When rebooting the system should boot off IPMI Virtual CD-ROM and begin your install - if you already have an Operating System installed you may need to press F11 to select IPMI Virtual CD-ROM from the boot menu. After your install is completed click open 'Virtual Media' -> 'Virtual Storage' and click 'Plug Out' to remove the media and boot into your new OS. 

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